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  1. 'The document appears to be corrupted and canno...

    hi i am just loading a document as given in documentation but getting this exception : ’The document appears to be corrupted and cannot be loaded. I have tried different pdf documents but getting this same exception. …...arshad\\Downloads\\rst.pdf"); Html documents are loading...pdf documents as well thanks rst.pdf (243.0 KB) alexey.noskov...
  2. aspose-diagram-23.2.0.tar.gz

    aspose-diagram-23.2.0.tar aspose-diagram-23.2.0/End User License Agreement.html Please wait. You'll be redirected to the online version of EULA. If it fails to redirect then please go the following......ype: text/x-rst aspose-diagram-23.2.0/README.rst Python Visio...Description-Content-Type: text/x-rst aspose-diagram-23.2.0/aspose_diagram...